Friday, 17 July 2009

Feeling brighter

Well I am actually feeling a bit better today and its about time too.
Last saturday I was so full of pain in my leg that I couldnt stand it anymore, and Richard took me to A&E (I didnt want to call the Doctor out) I thought they would send me home with a flea in my ear and a paracetamol and told off for wasting their time, BUT the Doctor took one look at my leg and admitted me right away for treatment. This was a big shock and more so for my darling DH.
It turned out that I had a nasty infection in my leg and being diabetic they wanted to look after me. I came home sunday night with a big tub of antibiotics, I have had to take 12 a day until this sunday and I think that they must be starting to work, as the redness has gone but I still have a very lumpy and bumpy leg.
On to more happy things lol I finished my new cushion covers today, I made them for the conservatory, and they are lovely bright yellow/orange/lemon and green, like a drop of sunshine in our dull wet and windy summer.
Sunday this week I have my "ladies" here, its a hardanger group and we meet once a month for the day, so I have that to look forward to.
My good news this week is that I have 10 of my hardanger designs in Sewandso's top 100 charts, not bad going eh.
I really wish all this wet weather would go away though, as DH desperately wants to start digging the garden to make our stream, which will start near the conservatory and wend its way down the garden to the pond. This has been a dream of his for years now, and finally we have everything we need to do it, apart from a few dry days.
I have been stitching with smoking needles this past 10 days to finish a gift for my neighbour. She had to have her cat put to sleep a couple of weeks ago, and was devastated, he was the loveliest black cat, with a really shiny coat. I decided to stitch Bothy Threads, Follow Me for her, its a lovely design that I hope she will like. I shall make it into a Bell Pull for her. I am on the last quarter of the last page now so might get it finished over the weekend. I will put a photo up next week if its done.
Anyway enough of my ramblings for the time being, thank you for visiting.

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Rachael said...

I bet with all those you are rattling now,Glad they are working though!
Oh can't wait to see your new cushion covers.
See you tomorrow!!(hugs)