Sunday, 14 June 2009

Day with the "girls"

Yesterday was Lorna's crop day, I do love these days, stitching, chatting and laughing with friends. It was only a small group this time because of holidays, but boy we make enough noise for those that were missing lol
I usually do patchwork but this time I decided to start work on a huge Hardanger runner that I want to make, its the middle one of these 3 and measures 23" x 78"
This is how far I got with it yesterday.

I bought myself a book a short while ago that has at least a couple of hundred quilt block patterns in it, and I have decided to use my scraps up and practise making some of them. here are a few I have done already. I have decided I like the Blue one so much, that I'm going to make a King Size quilt for our bed using this one, but doing it in pinks instead.

I want to say a really BIG WELL DONE to 2 people who read my blog, who today completed the Race For Life, Lorna and Polly I take my hat off to you, I want to say and extra HUGE WELL DONE to Polly's Daughter who is only 4 years old and she completed it too, well done darling XXXXXX
I'm off out to visit friends now, hope you are all having a lovely day.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

A Lovely Day

I woke this morning to the birds singing and the sun shining, what a lovely start to the day.
My lovely friend Helen arrived at around 11am laden with lunch (we take in turns) and soon we were sitting and stitching. I am working on a design from The Gift Of Stitching, its called My Little Book Of Stitches. It has 8 pages of different designs and I am using all my oddments of silks and varigated threads, so all my pages will be different colours, some in just 2 colours some in just 1 and maybe a couple with all sorts in :o) I'm doing just what takes my fancy at the time. I will put some pictures in next time I work on it.
Helen was stitching on a needle case that she missed out on at our last Hardanger day.
Where does the time go to when you are enjoying yourself, we had done so much chatting, drinking stitching that before we knew it it was tea time, time for Helen to go home, and I hadnt even though about tea (guess who ended up having chinese) lol.
Tomorrow I am having a day with another lovely friend, Sarah. We are doing the Ladies Wot Lunch thing lol at the local pub, I do love these days out, and love seeing the children too.
I belong to a lovely online board called A Crafty Natter and as it will be 2 years old this year, we are doing a Cotton exchange, there are quite a few of us taking part and I have bought my partner something I hope she will treasure, unfortunately I cant post a piccie yet as she may read my blog but I will as soon as she has opened it.
I do love exchanges although I havent really joined in too many at all but I think I may be doing more, especially as I learn new ways of finishing things off.
Anyway enough waffle for now. I just want to thank everyone who left comments on my first post, as they were all nice ones lol

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

I've done it now

Hello to you all.

Well I've finally joined the world of blogging, its taken me all morning to try and put it together and I think I like the way it looks now, but I would like to know where you all get your fancy pages from.

I have been very busy lately with designing but now I have some "me" time and you know, I dont really know what I feel like doing lol

One of my new designs is the needle case and scissor fob thats in my header photo, the other is a dressing table set that I was asked to do, thankfully the customer like it phew

I wish the weather would brighten up, its actually quite cold today I NEED SUN.

We are seeing so many baby birds on and near our feeders at the moment, I just love to see all the feather fluffing and body wiggling that they do in order to make mum notice them.

We spent £25 on a new feeder at the weekend to stop the doves from pinching all the food from the hanging table. The new one has a moveable plastic roof over the top and the little birds just love it, but the crafty collared dove has worked out that if she keeps her head down she can still get to the food, its so funny to see. I keep lowering the top and she keeps trying to get it, and at the moment she is winning, but not for much longer lol. I just looked out of the window and there are 6 goldfinches in it, they are so pretty. By the way I do feed the larger birds too, we have a large table down the garden for them, but they are so greedy they eat all theirs and then move up here.

Well thats all for today, and I'll be better at this as I go along I hope

Happy Stitching