Sunday, 14 June 2009

Day with the "girls"

Yesterday was Lorna's crop day, I do love these days, stitching, chatting and laughing with friends. It was only a small group this time because of holidays, but boy we make enough noise for those that were missing lol
I usually do patchwork but this time I decided to start work on a huge Hardanger runner that I want to make, its the middle one of these 3 and measures 23" x 78"
This is how far I got with it yesterday.

I bought myself a book a short while ago that has at least a couple of hundred quilt block patterns in it, and I have decided to use my scraps up and practise making some of them. here are a few I have done already. I have decided I like the Blue one so much, that I'm going to make a King Size quilt for our bed using this one, but doing it in pinks instead.

I want to say a really BIG WELL DONE to 2 people who read my blog, who today completed the Race For Life, Lorna and Polly I take my hat off to you, I want to say and extra HUGE WELL DONE to Polly's Daughter who is only 4 years old and she completed it too, well done darling XXXXXX
I'm off out to visit friends now, hope you are all having a lovely day.


Extremlygentle1 said...

Thank you *HUGS*

Maddy*Moo said...

I do love that blue panel Colly! It is just gorgeous! And the fabrics you have used are to die for! Can't wait to see this quilt in pink!